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More importantly, what does 'Wellness' mean to you? Is Wellness something that you must work hard to achieve, or can you have it without much effort at all? The answers will be addressed later, but first let's get the dictionary's meaning: "the state or condition of having in good physical and mental health." Now that we are straight on 'what' wellness is, we can find out 'how' to obtain it, 'what' all do we do to keep it once we've got, and most importantly, 'what' makes us lose it ?

Being in touch with your body, is like having a barometer to the level of wellness you are personally experiencing. The lifestyles that we embrace over time, create our level of wellness. Getting there includes the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, the amount of physical exercise we get involved in, the amount of sleep we get, the types of toxins that enter our bodies, the amount of stress in our lives, the jobs we work, to family members and friends who are close to us, and even down to our consciousness and how we process life. All these things create our lifestyles.

Of coarse, there is a fine line between what individuals define as healthy or unhealthy. There needs to be some clear cut examples of good or poor choices of foods and beverages. What are healthy foods and beverages? To save some time, I will just cut to the chase and let you know what experts in this area have proven are not healthy choices when ingested over a period of time. This list includes, but not limited to: all things white: like sugar, flour, rice, and complex carbohydrates (pasta). Now does this mean that we are to go for the rest of our days without the likes of sweet drinks, cakes, cookies and the like, and starchy dishes? Of coarse not! Let the word 'moderation' by your key. We should be able to eat ANYTHING we want, with sensible limitations, right? The real issue here is shifting our SAD (Standard American Diet) mentality and mind-set, so that what we really want to eat, is 'life-sustaining' and, Lord permits...'healthy!' Learning HOW to modify is our only safety net to taking the journey to Divine Wellness.

Here's the question that keeps going through my mind, tell me if it's going through YOUR'S as well? Why do foods that I think are healthy, are actually tasteless and very unappealing? Ok, that's a legitimate question. So let's go there. I just want to ask, who was it that prepared the 'healthy' food that you've tasted? Were these dishes made of ingredients that you were familiar with, or did they have unfamiliar ingredients that you never had? If you had a dish made out of tofu, for instance, and you've never had it before, I can tell you, you may not like it. Why? Maybe because you've heard about tofu and what you've heard was not favorable. You may have made up your mind NOT to like it before you put it in your mouth. You think? Or the person who prepared the dish, just couldn't cook! It happens.

I have found, that meeting people 'where' they are, is the very best method to ever helping them to change their lifestyle by embracing eating differently. Let's take yummy tasting fried fish for example. In our hearts of heart, deep down inside of all of us, we KNOW that fried anything, over a period of time is depleting to our health. Are we on the same way length on that fact? So if you are having fish as a part of a meal, which type of preparation is your first choice: fried, grilled, baked, roasted, or pouched? I'm going to be completely honest with you, my first choice is fried! It is absolutely wonderfully delicious and makes me happy when I'm eating it..... but then remorse comes AFTER the meal. Too late! A more healthier option would be to have the fish without the oil. That would be 'guilt-free' fish. Without giving out all my secrets, I'll let you know, that Wellness Works! has the recipe for the most delicious 'guilt-free' fried fish ever. If you want to jump in here and begin modifying what you are eating now, making what you eat healthier, contact me for the recipe.

You and only YOU hold your health in your hands. This 'gift' is something absolutely NO ONE can give you. My father in law used to always say, "If a man don't know, he just don't know." I have added to this statement, "But what you don't know, can harm you and even kill you." We are all responsible for our own health. "If it's to's up to ME.!" I asked the question in the beginning, "Is Wellness something that you must work hard to achieve, or can you have it without much effort at all?" When we are younger, up to about age 25, you can abuse your body to no end and still maintain a high level of wellness. However, at around age 26, you are on the downward 'bell-curve' of declined health of effortless wellness. From this point on, you must 'respect' your body and treat 'it' like you would your prized new automobile. Question: Now would you DARE put sugar in the tank of your car? Why treat the 'vehicle' of your divine body any different? Now is where you MUST WORK at maintaining your body for DIVINE WELLNESS. You're not a kid anymore.

We are living in the Information Age right now. There's no excuse to be uninformed about 'anything,' including how we can extend our lives. And not just to 'live' longer, but to live longer in greater health, without having to face preventable diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. Wellness Works! is here at your disposal, to show you how you can achieve such a feat....Be Informed. Be Healthy. Be Well.....